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Living in the Midwest, wind and hail storms are unavoidable!  If your home has been damaged by severe weather, we hope you will give us a call.  Prompt attention can limit further damage from your roof being exposed to the elements.  We are always available for 24 hour emergency service and our team of professionals take pride in getting you back on your feet as soon as possible and worry free!  From emergency repairs to working with your insurance company to the installation.


Please take some time to view our video series which explains the entire process.  Our site is designed to inform and help you the homeowner make an educated decision on the contractor you select to guide you through the process.

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The Insurance Claim Process:

1.  Call an Experienced & Professional Contractor.


   Our team of qualified professionals are trained to properly identify storm damage and can assist you through the entire process.  It is important that you have qualified company inspect your property to avoid filing an unnecessary claim.  Many companies claim to be “Insurance Claim Specialists” with no formal training, which can lead to claims being filed that shouldn’t be.  All of our project managers are HAAG certified and properly trained to accurately assess your property!  We will always be honest when sharing our findings and properly document all items in need of restoration and provide an upfront estimate using industry standard estimating software to price the work accurately and fairly!


2.  Report your claim.


After a qualified contractor has performed a thorough inspection of your property and has advised you to report a claim, there are several ways to go about doing so.  You can file your claim straight from our website in most cases.  Simply select the “file a claim” tab from our homepage and then select your insurance provider from the list.  This will direct you to the online claim form of your insurance company.  You may also call the claims desk directly from the 800 number found in your policy paperwork.  Or you may contact your insurance agent to report the claim on your behalf.


3.  The Insurance Adjustment.


After you have reported your claim, typically an adjuster will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a time and date to perform their assessment.  Once you have this information, you should pass it along to your project manager.  We can schedule to be on property with the insurance adjuster to confirm damage and make sure nothing is overlooked.  We will discuss details unique to your claim and work with them to ensure the estimate your insurance company prepares will be accurate and fair.  It is often much easier to coordinate details of the job up front rather than requesting a supplement at a later date if something is overlooked or miscalculated.


4.  Understanding the Insurance Settlement.


After the insurance adjuster has completed their loss summary report, you will receive a copy in the mail.  This is typically accompanied by a first check.  The summary can be difficult to decipher especially if its not something you encounter often.  Once you have received the loss summary, simply call your project manager to schedule an appointment to sit down and go through the estimate.  We will explain every aspect of the paperwork so that you understand the line items and payment structure.  We will have our own estimate written at this time so that we may compare the two.  We can answer any questions you may have as well as review the summary to ensure it is complete and accurate.


5.  What if my mortgage company is involved?


You may notice that the check you receive from the insurance company is made out to you and your mortgage company.  This is done because the mortgage company has a vested interest in the property and require the repairs are completed to prevent loss in property value.  If this is the case, additional steps are required to ensure the check is “spendable”.  You will have to send the check to your mortgage company for endorsement.  It is best to start this process immediately.  Some cases are easier than others.  You may be able to drive to your local branch and have a representative endorse it.  In other cases, the mortgage company may not have a local branch, which will require you to mail it for endorsement.  This process may sometimes take weeks to complete.  We are here to help and provide any documentation the mortgage company may require.